The future of Big Data : Open source v. proprietary

In last week’s companion to SiliconANGLE’s #BigDataNYC, theCUBE broadcast live from Silicon Valley, highlighting the ongoing maturity of Big Data for 2014 and beyond.

John Furrier welcomed theCUBE alumni Bruno Aziza and Rishi Yadev for one of the more interesting conversations centering on the method and business model that will further advance the adoption of Big Data in the Enterprise.

Representing Alpine Data Labs, Aziza’s contention is that industries requiring highly specialized software will ensure a market space for the proprietary business model. Yadav, CEO of InfoObjects, countered that assertion several times through the conversation, seemingly confident his company’s embrace of pure open source will be the winning strategy going forward.

The debate started off with Furrier noting there is quite obviously a shift going on in the market. What exactly that shift entails is, as yet, still undecided. Directing his first question to Yadev, Furrier stated, “The philosophy of open source versus the for-profit Enterprise focus, which at the end of the day is lock-in, we are seeing a change in the open source dynamic. What’s your take on that?”

The history of the market, according to Yadev, was built on the proprietary model.

This model required the vendor to maintain intellectual property (IP) of their product. He pointed out that the proprietary vendors are recognizing and trying to minimize the overall disruption of open source with their design of OpenCore, where you use open source to build out the infrastructure and then provide proprietary software on top.

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