Events on campus yield big data with new mobile app

College events have for decades been advertised through bulletin boards in residence halls and at intersections of sidewalks that wind through campus.

Campuses have found myriad ways to leverage Big Data.

A new mobile app is being piloted at several campuses with a goal of replacing those bulletin boards, and providing administrators with something cork and paper never could: data.

Appropriately named after another common campus advertising spot, Campus Quad lets students, faculty, and administrators create and share flyers, post classifieds, and communicate with one another.

“The whole idea is that it is one space for all the things that a student cares about,” said Frances Cairns, founder and CEO of Campus Quad. “It’s one place to see everything and explore everything that’ happening on campus.”

Helping students explore in a more traditional sense will be the platform’s mapping feature. When a photo or flyer is posted on Campus Quad, the event’s location is displayed on a map in real time.

Campus leaders may appreciate the feature even more than students, said Farouk Dey, the associate vice provost and executive director of Career Development Services at Stanford University.

“The mapping gives you a better perspective of the events happening on campus,” Dey said. “You start getting a sense what areas are more successful than others, and where outreach needs to be targeted.”

See Page 2 for details on how Stanford is using Campus Quad, and the data it provides, to beef up their career service department.

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