Have you seen our polls covering the latest in technology news and innovation in higher education?

michael-sharnoff150eCampus News has several engaging polls on topics ranging from for-profit universities to concerns that mobile devices distract students.

In ‘Follow the money’ in online education, faculty warn, a clear majority (85%) believed that online education may be putting profits before students.

Do you agree with the authors’ argument that online education may be putting profit before students? Please vote and share your thoughts here.

In Using technology to distract students from distraction, a 68% majority thought that mobile devices were not too distracting to ever use in the classroom, while 30% were skeptical and wanted more research to be conducted.

Do you think mobile devices are too distracting to ever use in the classroom? Share your thoughts here.

In What’s hogging bandwidth on college campuses? a slim majority (51%) of readers polled felt that students exceeding the bandwidth cap at universities should be charged, while 12% were unsure.

Do you think colleges should charge students for bandwidth use? Share your thoughts here.

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