Suze Orman teaching personal finance class — at the University of Phoenix

If you were teaching a course on how to manage personal finances, one of the best pieces of advice you could give is to avoid attending a for-profit college, The Huffington Post reports. A series of government and media investigations have exposed that signing up with a for-profit college could well be one of the worst financial decisions a person could make in his or her entire life. Many of these schools offer a toxic mix of ultra-expensive tuition, low-quality classes, high dropout rates, and poor job placement. As a result, they often leave students — single parents, veterans, immigrants, and others struggling to earn a living — without jobs and deep in debt from the loans they’ve taken out. For-profit colleges have 13 percent of U.S. college students, but an astonishing 47 percent of student loan defaults. So why is Suze Orman — who calls herself  “undeniably America’s most recognized expert on personal finance” — teaching an online personal finance course at the University of Phoenix, the biggest of these controversial for-profit colleges?

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