Ellucian and Nuventive Partner to Offer New Institutional Performance Management Solution for Higher Education Executives

FAIRFAX, Va. – March 15, 2013 – Ellucian™ and Nuventive® today announced a new solution that will help higher education executives engage and align campus leaders around delivering on the institution’s strategic plan. With the new solution, decision makers will have better and faster insight into institutional data and the key performance indicators that best measure ongoing performance and alignment with the institution’s desired outcomes.
Planned for availability later this year, this new solution is being developed for all global Ellucian markets to meet the specific needs of higher education leaders who are seeking to support a collaborative culture of evidence-based performance throughout the institution.
Today, Ellucian’s existing business intelligence offerings, including Banner® Operational Data Store, Banner® Enterprise Data Warehouse, and Colleague® Reporting and Operating Analytics, can work together with Nuventive’s planning, tracking, and outcomes assessment products, TracDat® and the TracDat option for SharePoint® to help institutions intelligently manage strategic planning, and improve academic and administrative outcomes.
The new solution will leverage, automate, and extend the companies’ existing offerings and help customers make the most of their system investments. It will integrate with the Banner® by Ellucian and Colleague® by Ellucian administrative systems, bringing together a wide range of campus data together with collaborative planning, assessment and documentation technologies to help campus leaders more effectively use information to make informed decisions and achieve institutional goals.
“It’s not just about pretty pictures,” said Richard Katz, executive vice president of strategic services, Nuventive. “A real culture of performance requires that we move to a next generation of data usage and analytics that are tied to what really matters—action.”
“Campus executives have asked us to help them unlock their data and streamline a process to help them improve measurement and drive better performance faster and more clearly over the course of weeks, quarters, and even years,” said Toby Williams, senior vice president of corporate development, Ellucian. “Working with Nuventive to respond to this need illustrates our commitment to deliver on our Extensible Ecosystem vision and extend the core administrative systems our customers depend on. Partners play an important part in our XE vision, helping our global customer community continuously evolve their technology environments.”
Ellucian and Nuventive staff will present on this new solution at the Ellucian Live conference in Philadelphia (www.ellucian.com/EllucianLive/).
• Executive Forum: Saturday, April 6 at 2:00 – Ellucian Institutional Performance Management: A Unique and Powerful New Offering
• Ellucian Live: Session 5329 Tuesday, April 9 at 8:30 – Ellucian Institutional Performance Management: A Unique and Powerful New Offering
• Ellucian Live: Session 3941 Wednesday, April 10 at 11:15 – Institutional Performance Management

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