According to a recent study conducted by Forrester Research, Inc., a global research and advisory firm, the number of Mac users has nearly doubled in the past three years, and thanks to a local Mac software company, Mac users across the globe will now be able to use, search, and download items with ease.

“We have redesigned our logo, website and app UI to make it more Mac style and more easy to use,” said Emma Lynne, market manager for Magican Software LTD, an independent Mac software developing company found in 2010.

Lynne explained that the main features of the app have not changed, but added that the company, which specializes in Mac system optimizing software development, will continue to update its software called Magican with additional features.

Magican, according to Lynne, is a system optimizer for Mac OS X, which helps users to speed up Mac in all directions.

“Magican is totally free, but it has many powerful features,” Lynne stressed, before adding, “Compare it with our competition. It is free without limited features.”

Magican Software LTD’s decision to redesign its app in an effort to make it “easier” for Mac users to use its app could prove to have perfect timing.

According to a study conducted by the Software and Information Industry Association, Macintosh software comprises over 18 ercent of all software sold, where Macintosh users use more applications than Windows users, citing “ease” of installation of Mac applications as one of the reasons.

“Our floating window is another highlight,” Lynne noted. “It could be moved to the top status bar and move back to interface easily. It can help monitor the system state in real-time without occupying much desk space. Plus, we are planning on adding features of antivirus and fire wall in Magican future updates.”

Victor Lipp, an avid Mac user and Magican Software LTD customer, said he gives the company two thumbs up for its efforts with the app redesign.

“They have done a wonderful job of building and updating this application,” Lipp said. “Keep up the good work.”

Lipp, however, isn’t the only one who expressed their appreciation for the company’s software and redesign to make it easier for Mac users.

Magican Software customer identified as Adrian, described Magican as one of the best software’s he has ever used.

“I just wanted to say thanks for this fine bit of software,” he said. “It sure saved me a lot of time cleaning out 9.9 GB of useless trash that I would have spent weeks sorting through all files. This is a great product.”

When asked for the main reasons why Mac users should try its Magican software, Lynn said, “It’s free, but safe, and our app is good in quality. It can help users protect their Mac in all directions and we’re also planning on adding features, such as antivirus and fire wall in future updates.”

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