Datamark’s Call Catalyst Turns Uncontacted Leads into Enrollments

Salt Lake City, UT – March 26, 2012 – Datamark, the leader in data-driven enrollment marketing, has launched Call Catalyst, which drives starts from leads that schools have already paid for but not contacted, turning them into high-converting inbound calls. Call Catalyst delivers consistent communications to prospective students and maximizes lead conversion.

“In many cases, up to 60 percent of a school’s existing leads go uncontacted, which represents huge missed enrollment opportunities,” said Paul Reddy, president of Datamark. “It is far more cost effective to spend time nurturing leads that schools have already purchased than it is to buy new leads. Our approach enables schools to save money, increase the efficiency of their enrollment teams, and turn more prospects into students.”

Through automated email and direct mail, Call Catalyst delivers ongoing, measurable outreach that drives students to inquire. As a result, a school’s enrollment team can spend less time making outbound calls and more time engaging and guiding qualified students through the enrollment process. In fact, schools can see upwards of a 20 to 25 percent contribution to student enrollment annually with Call Catalyst.

Call Catalyst is part of Datamark’s Conversion Marketing Solutions, which have long been a part of the company’s service offering. The three Call Catalyst packages have been field tested and proven to work. Packages include:

Package 1: five automated and branded email communications
Package 2: five email and two direct mail branded communications
Package 3: multiple email and direct mail communications where the cadence continues until a lead is either contacted or closed

Call Catalyst campaign packages can be set up for 30 and 60 days and implementation is quick. To learn how Call Catalyst can help increase ROI, please visit

About Datamark

Since 1987, Datamark ( has delivered innovative, data-driven marketing exclusively to higher education. The company provides marketing advisory research services, full-service lead generation and management, and conversion marketing solutions designed to reach, engage and motivate prospective students. Focusing on performance and visibility into the student enrollment cycle, Datamark helps schools drive higher return on their marketing investment.

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