The unexpectedly lucrative career of cleaning up after Ivy Leaguers

At least one woman is making a smooth six-figure salary cleaning up after Penn frat boys, reports the Atlantic Wire. This Cadillac-driving, toilet-scrubbing 51 year-old named Kia Grasty loves her work picking up after some of the Ivy League university’s wealthiest and most privileged students, including the son of NYPD Blue’s Kim Delaney. According to a Daily Beast profile: More than a cleaner, many students view Grasty as something of a surrogate mother (Kim Delaney is far from the only parent with Grasty on speed-dial), who goes so far as to help coordinate moves and stock up apartments in advance of the new academic year. “To me it’s more than just cleaning,” she says. “I’m counting on my students to be the best that they can be. The smile on my face is when I ask my kids what’s your grade point average. That’s what inspires me.”

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