Multitasking, cut-and-paste support coming to Windows Phone 7

Two of the biggest complaints about Microsoft’s mobile OS reboot–no multitasking for third-party apps, and no cutting and pasting–will be fixed before the year is out, with the initial cut-and-paste update slated to arrive next month, reports Yahoo News. Speaking at Microsoft’s Mobile World Congress keynote in Barcelona on Monday, Steve Ballmer promised that the first of two patches for Windows Phone 7–the one that adds cut and paste functionality, as well as tweaks supporting handsets on CDMA networks, such as those run by Sprint and Verizon Wireless–will be coming in early March. Meanwhile, a second, “major” patch is due in the second half of this year–no word on exactly when–and will add a slew of new features, including multitasking for third-party apps, cloud-based storage for Office documents, Twitter integration into Windows Phone 7’s “People” hub (which, for now, only taps into Facebook), and a revamped mobile browser based on Internet Explorer 9…

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