5 university IT departments you should be following on Twitter

Many IT departments use Twitter to warn students on online scams.

It’s not just college students with technology questions who should be following university IT departments on Twitter. Many campus IT outfits tweet regularly about common technology issues, becoming a valuable source for ed-tech enthusiasts.

Here are the top-five university IT departments to follow, as compiled by our staffers here at eCampus News.

1. Tulane Tech Services: This “group of dedicated technology professionals responsible for meeting the core computing needs of the Tulane University community” answers student questions, warns students about technology upgrades and security measures, and shares all manner of technology news from Tulane University.…Read More

New fight on a speaker at a Catholic university

Among politically conservative Roman Catholics, Kathleen Sebelius, the secretary of health and human services, was already at the top of the list of Catholic public officials considered to be traitors to the faith, the New York Times reports. As a two-term governor of Kansas, Ms. Sebelius was told by her bishop that she should be denied communion at Mass because of her support for abortion rights. As health secretary, she has been vilified for upholding the mandate in the health care overhaul that requires even religiously affiliated institutions to provide birth control coverage to their employees. So there was an uproar when it recently became public that Georgetown University, a Jesuit institution, had invited Ms. Sebelius to speak at an awards ceremony this Friday, its commencement day…

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Professors, beware: Your nasty eMail could go viral

A Georgetown professor found out last week how fast the blogosphere can spread a rumor.
A Georgetown professor found out last week how fast the blogosphere can spread a rumor.

The prospect of an eMail bouncing to every corner of the internet has college professors measuring their words carefully after a New York University (NYU) professor’s acerbic eMail to a student went “viral” last month and drew worldwide attention.

Scott Galloway, clinical professor of marketing at NYU’s business school, responded to an eMail sent Feb. 9 by a student complaining that Galloway had dismissed him when he came to class an hour late.

Galloway, founder of personalized gift web site RedEnvelope.com, responded with a 424-word message reminding the student that “there is a baseline level of decorum … that we expect of grown men and women who the admissions department have deemed tomorrow’s business leaders” and urging the student to “get your [expletive] together.”…Read More