Ohio college students the targets of relentless campaigning

With all the campaign coverage on the news and online in the final run-up to Election Day, turning off the TV and computer and taking a walk is almost the only way to avoid it, says Ryan Hurley, a Yahoo! News contributor. Of course, even that’s not true if you live in uptown Cincinnati, which has the distinction not only of being located in a swing state, but that of being located in a pivotal swing county within Ohio on top of that. Think you’ve got Obama and Romney’s favorite talking points pretty well memorized after a few months of campaigning? Spend a day in Ohio, and you’ll have every bit of dirt, every talking point, and every gaffe by each candidate memorized by sunset. I’m a 21-year-old student at the University of Cincinnati, and the relentless campaigning by both sides has turned my everyday walk to class into a gauntlet run of student activist groups and voter registration advocates trying to push their agendas. It’s become more frustrating than when I lived back home in Columbus and my family had to take a prerecorded phone call about the elections every half hour. UC’s beautiful urban campus has been turned into a veritable battleground…

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