Upper Iowa University restructures to better serve working students

A recent post by Christopher Guizlo discussed the staggering debt that many students leave college with and questioned whether the educational community was really doing enough to educate students not just in their field of study, but in the real cost of their education, says Alan G. Walker, the president of Upper Iowa University in Fayette, Iowa, for the Washington Post. Unfortunately, Mr. Guizlo is absolutely right. But the problem is not just that students leave school with a debt load that they probably never really understood. The real problem is that today’s higher education institutions aren’t structured for the 21st century. Let me explain why. The typical college today is a brick and mortar center where students generally go full time, study a variety of subjects and mount an increasing load of debt. Of course, some higher education institutions, especially junior colleges or urban universities, have many part-time students. But the norm is full-time attendance. We’ve chosen a different model at Upper Iowa University and offer four modes of study…

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