Hands-on with Toshiba’s sliver-thin Excite X10 tablet

Last time around at CES, we were wholly underwhelmed by Toshiba’s first Android tablet, the Thrive, says Today in Tech. This year it seems that the team at Toshiba went back to the drawing board. Its second slate effort, the 10.1″ Toshiba Excite X10 is a sleek Android slate with enough ports to please anyone, and — even if only for the moment — it’s actually the thinnest tablet in town. We enjoyed some hands-on time with the Excite X10 at an exclusive Toshiba event last night, and the ultra-slim .3″ tablet left us with a very favorable impression, both compared to its predecessor and as a device all its own. The Excite X10 clearly isn’t cut from the same cloth as the Thrive. While the Thrive had a bulky rubberized back, the Excite X10 is svelte as can be, with a handsome brushed aluminum chassis…

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