Owl Labs Unveils New Product Suite That Will Enhance Hybrid Learning in K-12 And University Classrooms

Latest Features Bring Immersive Experiences ‘Owl Connect’ And ‘Presenter Enhance’ To The Classroom And Beyond

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Owl Labs, the collaborative tech company revolutionizing how the world communicates with its inclusive and immersive video experiences, today announced a new suite of features that will support the needs of educators leveraging the Meeting Owl (the company’s flagship 360-degree camera, mic and speaker hardware product) for remote and hybrid learning.

As teachers continue to look to create an organic learning environment for students during remote and hybrid learning, the newly unveiled suite features the award-winning Owl Connect, Presenter Enhance and Digital Whiteboard products that will bring more immersive classroom enhancements to hybrid learning.

  • Owl Connect – The CES 2021 award-winning product allows teachers to expand the video and audio reach in classrooms and large learning spaces by 8 feet in all directions by pairing two Meeting Owl Pros together. This allows for a socially-safe in-classroom solution by positioning students at least 6 feet apart.
  • Presenter Enhance – Designed for the hybrid classroom, teachers now have more flexibility to move around the entire room. Presenter Enhance more quickly adapts to the presenter with faster reaction speeds, tracking and quicker smart zooming. Compared to the Meeting Owl default mode, Presenter Enhance learns the room differently, with an emphasis on movement to follow presenter versus audio to follow a discussion. [Note: The Meeting Owl uses proprietary technology to intelligently identify the presenter by tracking their voice and motion as they move around the room, showing the right people at the right time.]

  • Digital Whiteboard – Owl Labs’ latest feature to support hybrid learning, Digital Whiteboard, allows for viewing the virtual whiteboard remotely. Historically challenging to view remotely, teachers can now use an iPad to take live notes and share them on the Meeting Owl Stage View so they’re more easily legible for remote students.

“It’s time for our teachers and classrooms to have access to top technology that can enhance a hybrid teaching environment,” said Frank Weishaupt, CEO of Owl Labs. “It’s an entirely new concept, especially for grades K-12, who are having to learn a new method of teaching on the fly. We want educators to be able to teach the way they have always taught and to not have to make other adjustments, when everything is already changing.”

In addition to the new products, Owl Labs has updated its existing in-device features, including 360-degree pano controls, vertical flip, the ability to lock the camera on a whiteboard or themselves, and a passcode lock to prevent students from editing names, impersonating teachers or misusing the tools in video chats. These updates all come in collaboration with current customers in the education sector, following conversations with school administrators, teachers, and IT teams to meet the needs of the remote and hybrid classroom, and the future of education.

The Meeting Owl is used by 60,000 organizations globally, including Nike, Ogilvy, and in over 2,000 schools and universities including Harvard and MIT. Owl Labs has been reinventing collaboration with motion and voice-activated focus that help your meetings concentrate on what actually matters. Owl Labs is helping companies around the world reimagine the future of the workplace. For more information, please visit, http://owllabs.com/edu.

To purchase directly at www.owllabs.com, Amazon or reach out to resellers@owllabs.com for your state-approved contracted partner.


About Owl Labs

Owl Labs is a collaborative tech company revolutionizing how the world communicates, through its inclusive and immersive video experiences. Built for modern businesses and classrooms, Owl Labs is dedicated to empowering hybrid and remote organizations with its award-winning technology and robust product suite. The company’s flagship product, the Meeting Owl, features a wifi-enabled, 360° camera, microphone, and speaker with Owl Labs’ proprietary AI technology, that automatically focuses on the speaker using audio and visual cues. In 2020, the Meeting Owl Pro was honored as one of TIME’s 100 Best Innovations. Owl Labs continues to champion the hybrid work conversation with it’s annual State of Remote Work reports. To learn more about Owl Labs and to join the Work and Learn from Anywhere Movement, please visit www.owllabs.com.