Shape the future of data privacy, cybersecurity and learner empowerment at ASU’s Digital Trust Summit

From June 15-17, participants will engage in a series of activities designed to shape the future of digital trust in education and the education-to-workforce systems.

As part of Arizona State University’s commitment to developing the concept of digital trust as it pertains to higher education, the university has announced the Digital Trust Summit, taking place virtually June 15-17, 2021. Registration is now open and free for all.

The Summit will convene global leaders, faculty, technologists and students to explore topics pertaining to digital trust  — addressing privacy by design, learner agency, transparency, governance, compliance and regulation — and advance a collective agenda towards cultivating digital trust in our education and education-to-workforce systems.

“At ASU, learner agency and trust are at the center of our universe,” said Donna Kidwell, ASU’s Chief Information Security and Digital Trust Officer. “This is the global event for learning about the latest digital trust work and conceptualizing the future of this field and its impact on education and the workforce.”

The Digital Trust Summit will be held entirely online, opening the doors to anyone around the globe who is interested in learning about the latest digital trust work and conceptualizing the future of this field and its impact on education and the workforce. 

Headliners — including Future of Privacy Forum’s Joanna Grama and Jim Siegl, privacy by design creator Ann Cavoukian, visionaries Marques D. Anderson and Adah Parris and more — will help participants explore new ideas and emerging approaches for cultivating trust. 

Using a session design that encourages group discussion, co-creating among peers and the exploration of new ideas, all of the activities will be defined by one of the following key themes, which help move the needle in establishing a framework for digital trust: 

  • Topics of Digital Trust: Exploring digital trust ideas, projects and initiatives that address privacy and privacy by design, learner agency, transparency, and governance, compliance and regulation.
  • Future of Trust-Based Careers: Engaging with learners around the next-generation of the digital trust workforce, including emerging skill sets, markets and job opportunities.
  • Partner to Protect. Best practices and emerging themes in cybersecurity, including equity and inclusion and threat intelligence.
  • Community Engagement: Networks of action and design: Communities of practice and networks of action centered around digital trust, distributed technologies, learner agency and information security.
  • Emergent Technology Enablers: New designs to engage learners. Demonstrations and discussion on identity and the learner, as well as distributed ledger technologies that increase agency, transparency and individual power in the learning and development space.

As an industry spanning topic, ASU’s University Technology is working with co-conveners Toptal, CrowdStrike, Informatica, Proofpoint, Palo Alto Networks and Leonardo to design the Digital Trust Summit.

Register now to save your spot at the Digital Trust Summit and help shape the field of cybersecurity and data privacy. 

eCampus News Staff