#7: These 10 hard and soft skills will be key in 2019

A new LinkedIn analysis offers a look at the hard and soft skills managers desire most in employees

[Editor’s note: This story, originally published on January 17th of this year, was our #7 most popular story of the year. Happy holidays, and thank you for tuning into our 2019 countdown!]

It’s not always easy to measure soft skills, but more and more, they’re proving crucial in an increasingly competitive workforce facing a shortage of highly-qualified workers, according to new data from LinkedIn.

A large majority (89 percent) of professionals feel their skills are more important than their job titles, according to 2018 LinkedIn research that paints a picture of the changing workforce and the skills that will help workers achieve the most success.

Additional LinkedIn Learning research notes that the combination of a short shelf life of skills, combined with a tightening labor market, leads to skills gaps. Talent developers, executives, and people managers agree that training for soft skills is a top priority for talent development teams–all the more reason why job applicants should focus on strengthening those skills. In fact, 57 percent of senior leaders today say soft skills are more important than hard skills.

Laura Ascione