A line of smiling different colored pencils represents diversity.

4 measures to make diversity a priority in higher-ed IT

When it comes to diversity and inclusion in higher-ed IT departments, different employee groups have varying opinions

Higher-ed IT is not keeping pace with the U.S. workforce when it comes to employing underrepresented groups, according to survey data from EDUCAUSE.

EDUCAUSE asked the 1,592 respondents in its 2019 Higher Education Workforce Landscape study several questions related to diversity, equity, and inclusion to learn more about how IT professionals in higher education view these issues and efforts at their institutions.

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Key findings from Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the IT Workforce reveal that 47 percent of survey respondents say their IT organization reflects the diversity of their campus community and the community in which the campus is located–but nearly one-third disagree.

Laura Ascione