Top trends: Improve graduation rates and retention

This Top Trends round-up features some of the most-read resources about improving student retention and graduation rates

Here are the most popular articles on graduation and retention trends within the past month:

1. 4 things my college did to more than double our graduation rate
One of my main goals at Warren County Community College—and a goal of all types of institutions—is increasing the graduation rate. Community colleges nationwide have set a goal to reach a 50-percent graduation rate. We’ve undertaken a few initiatives at WCCC that have helped us more than double graduation rates, and many of these initiatives can be replicated on other campuses.

2. Can student coaching help higher ed improve retention rates?
Many higher-ed student success initiatives focus on at-risk students. Loyola University New Orleans, however, has flipped this script by giving every first-year student personalized coaching—and it’s working: The percentage of students who return for their second year is now at an all-time high.

3. How 4 universities use analytics to improve graduation rates
Graduation. It’s that exciting time of year. All the pictures on social media and from friends – all celebrating the students’ success. It’s also a time for many universities to celebrate the strides they’ve made to improve graduation rates.

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