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Online marketplace offers alumni outreach

Alumni Monitor helps colleges and universities obtain actionable resources for alumni engagement

Alumni Monitor by Corporate Insight, the competitive intelligence research provider that offers analytical alumni tracking tools for colleges and universities throughout the country, has launched a new online marketplace. Now, colleges and universities can take advantage of Alumni Monitor’s reports and briefs to gain a better understanding of the most impactful communications methods for improving engagement with alumni.

“Our new online marketplace will expand access to emerging trends and exciting new developments in the field to encourage proactive alumni engagement and development,” said Michael Ellison, president of Alumni Monitor. “We look forward to helping colleges and universities throughout the country leverage our actionable, insightful research to communicate more effectively with their alumni – in the ways they want to be reached.”

Alumni Monitor offers an unprecedented view of alumni outreach through three distinct channels – alumni sites, collateral mailings and alumni-centric events – keeping clients attuned to the pulse of the industry. Through full reports, briefs and updates, Alumni Monitor showcases best practices from a wide range of schools of various sizes, providing a unique cross-section of the higher education space. Offerings now available for purchase include:

Alumni Twitter Outreach: Engaging Alumni, 140 Characters at a Time ($1200), which reviews the different ways colleges and universities use Twitter to reach alumni and keep them engaged with their alma mater. The study examined the Twitter presences of over 50 colleges and universities, starting with how they publicize their alumni Twitter presences on their homepage, alumni main page and social media directory. The study also assessed both the general-audience and alumni-focused Twitter accounts to analyze design, content and tone.

Email Best Practices: Lets Connect! ($750), which reviews email correspondence, with a special focus on design and effectiveness. The study examined outreach from across two dozen top universities over the course of 2015, looking at how emails are designed, how graphics are put together, and even how subject lines read. This report is broken down into two sections: Trends and Leaders by Category and Best Practice Recommendations.

Make an Impact in 24 Hours: A Look at Innovative Giving Day Features ($150), which reviewed the 2016 Giving Days hosted by schools within the Alumni Monitor coverage group to identify the most innovative features of these single-day donation drives. This brief highlights the creative twists that contribute to an engaging and successful Giving Day.

Complimentary offerings now available include:

Gifting on the Go: University Development Apps, which reviews the user experience of alumni mobile apps, with a special focus on the gift giving process.

2016 Alumni Engagement and Giving Survey, which surveyed 1,100 alumni from major colleges and universities to understand the relationship between graduates and their alma maters.

Alumni Website Design Best Practices: A Look at Public and Private Website Revamps, which offers recommendations to help higher education institutions improve their public and private alumni websites.

Alumni Monitor is currently working on reports highlighting best practices for engaging alumni on LinkedIn and assessing hard-copy alumni magazines at top universities throughout the country. These reports are slated for publication this fall.

Laura Ascione