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State University announces free e-textbooks for students

Partnership with Pearson aims to ensure students have equitable access to course materials

Kentucky State University (KSU) is hoping to make college more affordable for students through a new partnership with Pearson that will offer e-textbooks to all KSU students for a flat fee.

KSU also is providing a book scholarship to every student, which means the e-textbooks are free.

“Some traditional textbooks can cost anywhere from $100 to $300 apiece. And the fact is, some students simply cannot afford to buy all the textbooks required for their course load,” said Aaron Thompson, PhD, interim president, Kentucky State University. “We want our students to be successful, and numerous studies have shown that if students do not have their books during the first few days of school, their success rate is seriously diminished.”

While many institutions have leveraged digital course materials delivery models at the individual course level, Kentucky State is one of only two institutions in the country and is the only institution in Kentucky currently working with Pearson to delivery course materials digitally college-wide, to undergraduate to graduate level students.

“We want to ensure that all our students have equitable access to required course materials the very first day they walk into the classroom, said Candice Jackson, PhD., acting vice president for Academic Affairs, Kentucky State University. “If a student does not own a computer, not to worry. Students can choose to rent a computer for a small use fee, or the university offers free computer at convenient locations all over campus which includes, dorms, computer labs and the library.”

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Laura Ascione

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