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Where does your institution rank in social media engagement?

A new study examines social media engagement among U.S. colleges and universities to identify best practices

College and universities can see how they stack up in terms of social media engagement using a new study that ranks the effectiveness of social media across higher-ed institutions.

Rival IQ, a provider of social marketing analytics, and Up&Up, a marketing agency for higher education, released what they say is the first-ever study of the effectiveness of social media across leading universities in the United States.

The study of 338 colleges and universities revealed key insights in who is driving the most engagement with social media–including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram–and showed which universities are winning at engaging their audiences via social.

Engagement is defined as “measurable interaction on social media posts, including likes, comments, favorites, retweets, shares and reactions.”

Rival IQ used its software to analyze social media posts from 338 institutions of higher education, looking at university-level account posts from June 2015 through May 2016. Up&Up then leveraged their expertise in the field of marketing for higher ed to rank effectiveness, provide deep analysis and highlight best practices.

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Laura Ascione