Elsevier launches mobile-first personalized education platform

Sherpath platform integrates content, assessment and simulations customized to each program, course and student

Elsevier, a provider of scientific, technical and medical information products and services, has launched Sherpath, a nursing and allied health, adaptive and mobile-first education platform focused on improving student outcomes.

“As digital learners, healthcare students now require shorter and more targeted, media-rich content accessible on their mobile devices,” said John Danaher, President, Elsevier Education. “And faculty now require data and analytics that eliminate the guesswork associated with teaching and student comprehension. Addressing these evolving educational needs in a digital and mobile age was the fundamental inspiration for the development of Sherpath.”

Elsevier experts created Sherpath to intersperse flexible content modules with frequent assessments to support just-in-time remediation and successful progression throughout the curriculum. With a mobile-friendly interface, adaptive technology, a recommendation engine, machine learning and sophisticated reporting tools, Sherpath delivers a highly personalized, integrated experience for students and instructors.

“While the average professor is already working 50 percent more than the normal 40-hour work week, finding the time to continually monitor the ‘vital signs’ of students’ progress becomes next to impossible,” said Danaher. “Sherpath will help instructors easily understand how their students are progressing, catching those at-risk and intervening before they fail. As a result, Sherpath will also improve student retention, better performance on high stakes testing, and career placement.”

For the past year, Sherpath has been used in pilot programs at 26 higher education institutions across the country and in a variety of program types. In addition to Nursing Fundaments, the platform also offers collections for three other topics in Nursing (Health Assessment, Pharmacology, and Dosages and Calculations,) as well as Medical Assisting. Additional course collections for Nursing covering Maternity, Pediatric, and Medical Surgical are slated to be added in the Fall of 2016.

Laura Ascione

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