New millennial-driven field of study focuses on the science of social media

As social media becomes a fixture in nearly every industry, institutions are equipping their students with the skills to excel in this field.

Innovation is increasingly important in helping colleges and universities attract and retain students, and when it comes to fields of study, many students look for majors that will guide them to career paths with healthy prospects for growth and success. (Read: “3 blossoming fields of study with massive potential.”)

While a career as a social media expert might have raised eyebrows two decades ago, today’s reality is that social media has a major impact on nearly every market–and institutions are rapidly working to integrate social media management into their academic offerings.

At the University of Texas, AdGrad is the social media brand and the curriculum for the School of Advertising & Public Relations, taught by Dr. Gary Wilcox.

Students learn to monitor and analyze social media conversations and their impact using NUVI monitoring dashboards.

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But their studies go deeper, too. Students work in teams to create content calendars and original content for the school’s channels and its hub, AdGradLife.

In the fall, AdGrad will have three teams working to produce original content for social media channels. Those teams are the content team, content management team, and the analytics team. The groups function together and meet once a week.

Students have access to tools they’ll likely use in real life, including the Spredfast platform and the NUVI social media marketing suite.

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Laura Ascione