Catch up on the most compelling higher-ed news stories you may have missed this week

Every Friday, I’ll bring you a recap of some of the most interesting and thought-provoking news developments that occurred over the week.

I can’t fit all of this week’s stories here, though, so feel free to visit and read up on other news you may have missed.

In this week’s news:

Consortium helps community colleges tackle CBE programs
A new consortium will provide an opportunity for community colleges to learn from College for America and to engage employers in addressing workforce challenges through competency-based education.

UW engineers achieve wi-fi at 10,000 times lower power
A research team demonstrated that wi-fi transmissions can be generated using much less power than conventional methods.

Urgent: This innovation myth needs to end
A first-ever report reveals the most prolific innovators in the U.S. are not young entrepreneurial college dropouts; rather, highly educated immigrants with STEM degrees.

Another critical campus area now moving to the cloud
Cloud-based virtual labs could become key for universities looking to save money and improve student learning.

Laura Ascione