Gonzaga selects EasyVista to improve campus service experience

IoT drives need for automation and self-service capabilities for ‘Zags’ students and faculty

campus-servicesGonzaga University is implementing EasyVista Inc.’s solutions to help students and faculty experience improved campus service management.

Gonzaga University, like many bustling college campuses, continues to become more and more of an IoT hot bed, stretching and straining the IT network like never before.

“IoT is hitting us pretty hard these days,” said Roger Cummings, Project Manager, Gonzaga University. “Students used to show up with a laptop and cell phone and now it’s a combination of X-Box, TV, printer, even their Nike shoes and their FitBit fitness tracker and wireless speakers are showing up on the network; upwards of eight devices are not uncommon on campus. We are thrilled to have the peace of mind that EasyVista brings by automating and managing these modern-day campus Service Management challenges.”

The University needed a more robust and flexible Service Management and ITIL compliant solution that would be able to handle the wide variety of requests coming from thousands of students and faculty.

With EasyVista installed and running within a small summertime window, Gonzaga now benefits from the following:

  • Multiple workflow automations decreases time and effort required for change management, distance learning and purchasing processes.
  • Self-service portal saves time and eliminates duplicate tasks and actions related to all service management duties.
  • Increased levels of data science and questionnaire feedback provide powerful insight into how well resources, ticketing and incidents are being managed.
  • Greater transparency into Service Management with the ability to perform service-based-costing, enabling a more mature service organization.

“Silicon Valley might be famous for birthing new technology, but it’s the college campus that stretches and tests our tech mettle and Gonzaga University is a great example of an IT organization determined to go the extra mile for its students and faculty,” stated Kevin Coppins, General Manager, Americas at EasyVista. “We are thoroughly enjoying our partnership with Gonzaga as we help them automate and transform student services into one of a self-service culture moving forward.”

Material from a press release was used in this report.

Laura Ascione