Campus moves to interactive, collaborative learning tools

Saint Leo University equips 22 classrooms with MimioDisplay learning tools

learning-toolsAs educators and schools strive to find ways to better motivate learning, they are recognizing that using interactive HD technology in the classroom is key.

To engage students via the tools they regularly use outside the classroom, Saint Leo University, a Catholic teaching institution in Florida, has equipped 22 classrooms in its newest building, Kirk Hall, with the MimioDisplay™ LED touch display.

Introduced last year and available in 55”, 65”, 70”, and 84” models, the MimioDisplay touch display eliminates the need for a separate interactive whiteboard, projector, and speakers. Saint Leo University opted for the 70” model to accommodate their classrooms’ needs and the school’s budget.

The interactive display features a low-glare and low-friction glass surface that makes it easy to see from any angle in a classroom, and also provides a smooth touch experience. Styli and fingers can both be used on the surface, for quick and easy interactivity.

“Mimio offers technology and software that drive active knowledge acquisition and collaboration,” said Saint Leo University’s Director, Faculty Development and Enrichment, Teaching and Learning Innovation, Claudia Ruiz, Ph.D.. “Buying the MimioDisplay allows our school to engage students with vibrant display and touch technology. Students can work together at the board through the board’s touch technology, or with the MimioMobile™ app. The app also lets them work individually on the MimioDisplay via their mobile devices. This approach to learning is much more realistic and in line with the kind of technology and work-world setting our students will find themselves in. We are starting their preparation now.”

For Ruiz, the MimioStudio™ software included with the MimioDisplay device was a strong point of differentiation. “It’s software everyone can use – teachers and students alike. And because it is so intuitive and easy to use, teachers employ it more often for lessons,” she said.

Ruiz also was drawn to the MimioStudio Collaborate feature, which enables up to 50 mobile devices to connect in a classroom. She continued, “Everyone has a device, so the entire class can link in, regardless of whether they have an Apple or Android tablet, or smartphones equipped with MimioMobile. Now every one of our Saint Leo students with a device can interact with classroom lessons where the MimioDisplay device is installed. Our students are going to love this flexibility. Material shown at the front of the room is replicated on their mobile devices, so they can work in concert in small groups, or individually on their own devices, to create and innovate. They can work simultaneously, with the individual collaboration ‘spaces’ displayed at the front of the classroom.”

Christopher Leonardo, head of research and development for Mimio, explained that the purpose behind the MimioDisplay design was to enable teachers to become engrossed with teaching and students to focus on learning – rather than struggling with the difficulty of incorporating and using technology in the classroom.

“Classroom technology that’s easy to implement and easy to use will enable students to become employees who thrive in the 21st Century workplace – employees who will successfully put the skills of collaboration, teamwork, proficiency, and technology into play,” he said.

Material from a press release was used in this report.

Laura Ascione