Mobile development expands across majors

More professors are finding it useful to teach mobile development skills to students in business, sales and marketing classes.

mobile-developmentIncreasingly, professionals across departments–from IT to sales and marketing–are playing a role in building mobile apps and are encouraged to have mobile development skills.

Institutions of higher education are responding to these growing expectations by weaving mobile development courses into a variety of majors.

As the demand for mobile development skills in the enterprise increases, many professors are turning to mobile integration platforms such as to help students get the hang of mobile development. gives users the ability to build with visual development tools while still providing access to the code. Students in a business curriculum can build complete apps using visual tools while students in IT can write code.

“We chose because the development platform was superior to others we tried. With its ability to integrate to third party APIs and its visual development environment, business majors with no prior programming experience are able to create meaningful mobile applications in one semester,” said Dr. Richard Halverson, adjunct professor at the Shidler College of Business, University of Hawaii.

“For our MIS majors, the flexibility of being able to add any amount of custom code and to integrate to our own server side APIs made it perfect for teaching client side JavaScript programming as well,” he said.

Halverson added that the economy will still need programmers for complex tasks, but more and more non-programmers are learning basics.

“There will be a division of labor shift, in which some things that used to have to be done by programmers [can be done by non-programmers],” he said.’s team capabilities enable faculty members to assign platform resources to student teams, while students can easily collaborate with each other to complete their mobile apps. Students can also share their apps with teaching assistants and faculty to streamline grading and feedback.

“Our work with top business and engineering academic institutions ensures that students are equipped with the mobile development skills they will need as they enter the workforce,” CEO of Appery, LLC, makers of “Partnering with these schools and universities provides an exciting opportunity for to extend its offering as the most complete mobile app development platform into the education sector, a decision that will help shape the leading developers of our future.”

“Our partnership with Appery follows the implementation of M-government, a UAE initiative that aims to deliver all government services to the community via mobile devices,” said Dr. Hamad Odhabi, Executive Dean at Higher Colleges of Technology, the largest system of universities in the UAE. “ enables our faculty members to prepare our student body for the increased demand of mobile applications in both the private and public sector in the UAE.”

Material from a press release was used in this report.

Laura Ascione