University begins project to help blind students with math

Pilot draws on algorithm to break math problems into sequences

math-visionUntil he was 13, Logan Prickett did everything a normal child did.

However, anaphylactic reaction to contrast dye in an MRI test left him blind and confined to a wheelchair, without proper use of his motor skills and unable to speak louder than a whisper. Despite this, he graduated high school and recently completed his first year at Auburn Montgomery.

One subject Prickett is interested in is math, but because of his blindness, he was unable to solve problems the way other students could. His case ultimately became part of a pilot project launched this week to give blind students and those with lower vision the opportunity to solve math problems in normal classrooms.

“I’m probably the most excited person here,” Prickett said during the May 18 kickoff.

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Laura Ascione