Northwestern students apply big data to presidential speeches

Data analysis discovers link in positivity and popularity.

big-dataTeradata Corporation, a big data analytics and marketing applications company, announced winners from the second annual Teradata Aster and Northwestern University Hackathon event held April 29.

A hackathon is a data mining competition during which data science experts and students compete using advanced analytics platforms to resolve complex hypothetical problems. This, and similar hackathons, are emerging in academic culture as the dramatic explosion in global demand for practitioners in data analytics continues.

The April 29 Hackathon was led by Teradata team Lee Paries, John Thuma, Russ Ratshin and Mary Gros in collaboration with Northwestern Professor Diego Klabjan in the context of the university’s Master of Science in Analytics Program. Graduate students in Northwestern’s Data Sciences curriculum showcased their data science skills, competing to resolve complex problems using analytical techniques such as pattern recognition, text analysis, graph analytics and predictive computation.

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Laura Ascione