University upgrades STEM tools

Suite of new high-performance microscopes will be used for experiments at GW’s new research facility.

science-engineeringFEI and the George Washington University (GW) are partnering to install several new high-performance microscopes at GW’s Science and Engineering Hall.

The new, $275 million, 500,000-square-foot research facility will soon be home to four microscopes from FEI: the Talos(TM) F200X transmission electron microscope (TEM), Helios NanoLab(TM) 660 DualBeam, Teneo(TM) scanning electron microscope (SEM), and CorrSight(TM) advanced light microscope for correlative light/electron microscopy. These systems will be used by professors and their students for research covering the full spectrum from materials through life sciences.

“We are very pleased to work with FEI to acquire and install these microscopes,” said GW’s Vice President for Research Leo Chalupa. “This new equipment will enable our faculty and students to perform groundbreaking research and prepare our students to become leaders in STEM.”

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Laura Ascione

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