Google hopes to boost AP computer science pass rates

RISE Up 4 CS will aid African-American high school students in college-level computer science courses and exams

computer-scienceAs research reveals that minority students enroll in and pass high school and college STEM courses less often than their peers, efforts are emerging to encourage those student groups to pursue STEM studies.

Florida International University has been awarded the Google RISE Up 4 CS grant to help more African-American high school students pass the Advanced Placement (AP) computer science exam. The program will begin in late February 2015, and will be funded by Google and facilitated through Georgia Tech University.

Project RISE Up 4 CS attempts to motivate African-American students to study computer science and become interested in pursuing a college degree. The program helps prepare students for the AP computer science exam by providing twice-weekly webinars, and monthly in-person weekend sessions.

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Laura Ascione