JAR Systems Marks a Decade Charging Devices in Schools
Ten Years after the NetEducation Center’s release, many of the first carts are still in use
TALLEVAST, FL. — Aug. 22, 2014—A decade ago, when teachers used laptops to help students learn, they used furniture called computers on wheels to move the devices around and sometimes to charge them. The founders of JAR Systems felt it was an underdeveloped market with room for improvement, and that’s where the company started—with product and industry research that led to the first JAR Cart.
JAR Systems began with the mission to seamlessly integrate information technology hardware and software for an enjoyable and truly unique teaching and learning experience. They wanted to improve upon existing storage equipment, and sought out a variety of professionals in the education and information technology industries. Consultation with educators and IT professionals allowed them to identify common issues with existing charging carts and they used that information to design an innovative product. Also known as the first JAR Cart, the NetEducation Center hit the US market in 2004.
That first cart had many features that make JAR Carts popular today, including pull-out trays, and sliding doors. The cart also offered a stark contrast to other carts available on the market—literally. It wore the company’s signature bright blue color. Built for quality, longevity, and versatility many of the first JAR Carts sold to the public are still being used in schools around the United States.
They also developed The Intelligent Charging System, which is now one of their most popular features. Unique to JAR Carts, the Intelligent Charging System is able to automatically monitor devices and distribute power where and when it is needed. This ensures that devices charge as quickly and efficiently as possible, and that customers don’t have to do a thing. With the intelligent charging feature in JAR Carts, customers find that their devices charge up to 60 percent faster than when stored in other carts. The intelligent charging system can also improve battery life as it measures demand for power, turning off when charging is complete.
“From consulting with educators and IT professionals, we saw a need for charge and store carts to evolve beyond the requirement of how many devices can it hold,” said Axel Zimmermann, one of the company’s founders. “Now, after ten years of working directly with schools to manage and overcome challenges we’ve been able to help many add value to their mobile device deployments and to see their choice of carts as a critical component of a complete mobile classroom solution.”
After a decade of work and experimentation, the company has expanded their product line from that single cart to a line of more than 10 models that can accommodate nearly any need. Whether educators are looking for carts with remote management capability, or a cart designed for storage and charging of electronic devices without taking up much room, JAR Systems can help solve any IT problem. The company even offers a wall-mounted cabinet.
About JAR Systems, LLC: JAR Systems LLC specializes in charging solutions for mobile technology. Founded in 2004, the company has spent the last decade focused on providing smarter, more versatile ways to charge and secure ever-evolving technologies. During this time JAR Systems has consulted educators of all kind to develop products that support and streamline how mobile technology is used for learning. The company’s goal is to deliver products that will work efficiently and dependably for many years down the road. For more information, visit www.jar-systems.com.

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