How is technology expanding the reach of education?

Technology is going to allow students of all ages the ability to get a much different education


The days of the one room schoolhouse are over. There is no need for kids to be grouped together to get their education. It is now possible for kids to experience a learning environment that will help them achieve much more than in the past.

There are more schools than ever before and people are able to pursue higher levels of education as a result. With the help of technology, students around the world can gain even more access to education. That education will be very different from what they used to get in the one room schoolhouse.

Education in the past was often subjective

Schools used to be very isolated. They served a single community. That resulted in a limited education. The things people learned were often biased. They would include the facts and information that was important to the community the school was at.

In the United States, a student learning history in the North would often get a different view of the Civil War than a student learning about it in the South would. The dates and names would be the same, but the reasons behind things that happened would often be skewed in a different way.

This may not have been a big problem a century ago. The world was a very isolated place. Businesses operated in the community they were based in and there were not very many companies that would be considered multinational. In today’s world, the borders that separated countries save started to disappear. Thanks to technology, it is possible to communicate with people around the world in real time. That interaction is changing the way that people are getting their education.

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