Is Ghostbusters a metaphor for ed-tech innovation?

The ghosts of the past that the Ghostbusters fought might in fact represent the fears about the new disruptive technologies of today’s digital society.

ghostbusters-innovation-educationIt’s finally summertime and my favorite rose bushes are now competitively blooming in shades of red and pastel pinks that are visually eye-pleasing even on my mobile phone’s five mega pixel camera. It’s also graduation time.

So as many graduation speeches come and go, the premise always seems to reverberate like this; it’s a time to look back with reflection, and a time to look forward with optimism.

In my opinion, we all have agreed upon this, however, it does bring a pause, and time for a mindful thought about the advice given sometimes to graduates in the form of colloquial expressions.

Remembering the phrase, “seeing things through rose-colored spectacles,” I researched it, and found out this saying was from Tom Brown at Oxford, which is a novel by the English author, Thomas Hughes.

The novel was first published in 1861, describing a type of utopian experience ruminated by a character about his university experience, and also it is noted as a positive 20th century synonym meaning, “to see a glass as being half full.”

New graduates might be feeling an air of enlightenment by reason of finishing educational requirements at school, yet are reminiscing about how fast the past years have gone by. It is quite a familiar expression, often experienced with a melancholy feeling, especially during graduation time, and as years go by it might also bring to mind a nostalgia for the past, like an old movie.

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