Raise Your Flag Launches New Career Advice Platform for Job Force

Toronto, Ontario—April 21, 2014– Raise Your Flag is proud to announce the launch of its full service career advisory site for students who do not want to attend a college or university. With more than 45 percent of the students in North America not attending college, Raise Your Flag allows students to explore hundreds of career possibilities, which do not require degree from a university or technical college. This free platform gives students, and those who may be unhappy in their current career, the resources needed to find and create multiple paths that lead them in the right direction for a prosperous future in the workforce.

“When students open their acceptance letters to college, there is no greater excitement, and here at Raise Your Flag, we are striving to create that same reaction about choosing to go directly into the workforce,” said Ryan Porter, CEO of Raise Your Flag. “This unique platform is a kind of declaration for students on an expedition to find their right path, raising their flag and claiming ownership of their life goals. Everyone deserves to feel excited and proud about their future, no matter the path.”

Raise Your Flag wants to provide a sense of excitement for those looking to fill a position without first earning a college degree. Students can browse career options, industries and employers and collect paths that interest them the most. Raise Your Flag is also working to bridge the gap between students and employers. It allows a variety of companies to not only share available positions to students but lays out a growth plan for the future of a potential employee. It also provides companies with a way to promote company culture and highlight successful employees that may have not sought degrees as well.

About Raise Your Flag
Raise Your Flag is an online platform for students seeking alternative options to a college or university. It provides students with a way to establish a career goal and accomplish the necessary steps to reach it. The CEO of Raise Your Flag, Ryan Porter, is a popular youth speaker and has spoken to more than 750,000 students in North America as well as at TEDxYouth. Porter is also the published author of Make Your Own Lunch: How to Live an Epically Epic Life through Work, Travel, Wonder, and (Maybe) College. For more information on Raise Your Flag, please visit www.raiseyourflag.com.