InFocus adds affordable, interactive and short throw projector models for classrooms

New ultra-bright projectors connect to local area network for easy management

PORTLAND, Ore. – April 15, 2014 – Collaboration pioneer, InFocus Corporation ( has added two series of bright projectors to its existing lineup of affordable classroom models; the interactivity-enabled IN2120a series and IN120STa short throw series.

“These projectors are great for schools because they provide a perfect picture at the most desirable distance from the screen and are a great price; but more than that, teachers can plug a LiteBoard adapter radio into a IN2120a or IN120STa projector and use a LiteBoard Wand to turn the wall into an engaging, collaborative digital whiteboard,” said InFocus product manager Benjamin Joy.

Each model in the series can use the optional LiteBoard adapter to enable the LiteBoard Wand to operate as a wireless interactive pen and mouse from away or up close, empowering an instructor to control his or her content from anywhere in the room. Plus, LiteBoard requires absolutely no calibration.

The IN2120a series, which is comprised of the IN2124a and IN2126a, produces vivid images with 3,500 lumens. The two projectors are different only in their native resolution, which are XGA (1024 x 768) and WXGA (1280 x 800) respectively. The IN120STa series, made up of the IN124STa and the IN126STa, features 3,300-lumen brightness but delivers the picture from a much shorter distance from the screen. The IN124STa has native XGA resolution with a 0.6 short throw while the IN126STa has native WXGA with 0.48 short throw.

“We designed these projectors to project large images from classic work surfaces such as the teacher’s instruction table or the end of a conference room table,” said Mr. Joy. “Because the projectors are very bright, students can clearly view the images even on a sunny day and they’ll work in any size room because the short throw models can be up close to the screen if space is an issue,” added Joy. “They’re portable at less than nine lbs. – but can also be installed – and administrators can be really excited that they’re each less than $800.”

The IN2120a and IN120STa projectors can connect to a local area network through the LAN port for easy management. Similar to their recently-released cousins the IN120a series, both series’ models feature a high 15000:1 contrast ratio and can display 3D content from Blu-ray, PC or other devices (DLP Link 3D glasses required). They can present Office documents, video, audio and photos and other files without a PC connection using a USB thumb drive or the projector’s two gigabytes of internal memory. More traditionally, they can also connect directly to a notebook or mobile device using an HDMI or VGA cable or wirelessly with an optional USB adapter.

In addition to HDMI, USB-A and USB Mini-B, both series have two VGA inputs, composite video, S-Video inputs and support audio through 3.5mm input and output ports.

The InFocus IN2120a and IN120STa projector series can be purchased through InFocus authorized resellers and

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