arts_education200Studies show that the arts have a positive effect on student learning across the curriculum. Once thought of as enrichment, the arts are becoming an integrated part of the school day—a bridge to different cultures, self-expression, and a hands-on way of learning more about the world. Lesley University’s arts education programs will give you the confidence and knowledge to build literacy and engage all students, and the skills to develop curricula that integrate the arts.

Why Lesley University? Lesley is a private, coeducational university in Boston and Cambridge, Mass., well known for its high-quality education programs. Its practice-based programs and comprehensive assessment system offer the experiences necessary for classroom success. Feedback from principals and superintendents who have hired Lesley graduates consistently shows they make a difference in their schools—and the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education has recognized Lesley University as a national innovator that gives candidates “a competitive edge in the field.”

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