Is a MOOC really a course?

It is often said that in a MOOC every letter is negotiable, blogs Alastair Creelman. Much has been written about the many interpretations of open but maybe the most problematic is the final letter – C for course. Are MOOCs really courses? Many of the mainstream ones are definitely built like courses with a clear linear structure but the original connectivist model is more fluid. Whatever the intention of the MOOC-designers, the problem is whether the learners see the MOOC as a coherent course that must be followed from units 1 to 10 or whether they see it as content and discussions to dip into and investigate when their curiosity is awakened. Maybe the main reason for the notoriously low completion rates of MOOCs is the fact that most learners do not see them as courses to be followed from A to Z.

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eCampus News Staff

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