Adapt Courseware Signs on as Pearson Technology Partner

Las Vegas, NV – March 24, 2014 – Adapt Courseware, the provider of comprehensive adaptive multimedia that individualizes each student’s learning experience, is pleased to announce it has joined the Pearson Technology Partner program, signifying its commitment to expanding access to high quality, personalized learning opportunities. Adapt Courseware’s integration with Pearson Learning Studio provides students with seamless access to adaptive, competency-based curriculum in the disciplines of business administration, social sciences, and math, as well as foundations courses.

Adapt Courseware is exhibiting at the upcoming Pearson Cite conference where it will feature its recent research and learning outcomes results, which consistently demonstrate double-digit gains in completion and retention when using adaptive multimedia. Adapt Courseware’s executive team will also convene with higher education leaders to discuss trends in competency-based learning, as well as explore proven instructional design principles that foster new ways to engage, challenge, and motivate students in an online environment.

“As competency-based, adaptive learning continues to gain momentum, we are excited for the opportunity to meet with educators to discuss new and better ways to help students learn in a way that meets their unique needs,” said Mark Brodsky, CEO of Adapt Courseware. “Pearson has a long and successful history in the eLearning space and continues to be a thought leader. We are excited for our teams to collaborate and advance the learning process through its partner network to expand access to scalable online learning experiences that engage students at a higher level and improve learning outcomes.”

The Cite conference features innovations in online learning, as well as a workshop dedicated to the exploration of competency-based education. Celebrating its 15th year, Pearson Cite brings together more than 500 higher education online learning program executives, faculty, and administrators. The event takes place April 1st through April 3rd in Fort Worth, TX.

About Adapt Courseware
Adapt Courseware’s adaptive multimedia individualizes the learning experience for each student based on academic abilities and needs. The company offers complete, customizable, adaptive learning resources that combine motivational learning approaches with advanced multimedia techniques to help students achieve mastery learning. With Adapt Courseware, colleges and universities can realize measurable learning outcomes, increased student retention, and higher student satisfaction.

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