New research shows which products and social networks schools prefer

Alumni networking provider Graduway today published its first Higher Education Product and Social Network Survey.

Graduway conducted a snapshot survey of 77 business schools and universities across the US, Europe, Canada and Australia. The purpose of the survey was to provide an indication of which products and social networks are currently most popular with higher education institutions.

The results indicated that for databases and communication tools Blackbaud was the leading provider. Of greater surprise was when schools were asked which of their social networks was most popular with their alumni. 70.1% preferred LinkedIn, with Facebook receiving 62.3% and Twitter coming in third with 23.4%.

Daniel Cohen CEO and Co-founder of Graduway commented, “The survey is eye opening. We expected schools to still be predominantly looking at Facebook in order to connect with their alumni. The results indicate that in fact schools believe LinkedIn is now the most preferred social network by alumni with Twitter also no longer being able to be ignored.”

“We believe it is essential for schools to integrate their alumni networking platform with all leading social networks, to provide the full professional and social value their alumni expect. Our specific aim is to make it easy for schools to engage with their alumni by providing a solution that works seamlessly with their existing databases, tools and all social networks.”

About Graduway

Graduway is a leading provider of alumni networking platforms. Founded in 2009, it has established itself as a leading provider of alumni networking platforms in the higher education sector and in particular with business schools.

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