Yale likes the view through Google Glass

It’s not just Yale University’s quarterback who’s experimenting with Google Glass. It’s any student who visits the campus’s library.

yale-google-glassThe wearable technology has made its way into higher education over the past year, including last September when Yale’s quarterback, Henry Furman, wore Google Glass during a team practice. The recording offered a point-of-view look at the action from behind center.

The wearable device resembles a pair of glasses and allows users to take pictures, shoot video, search the web, write eMails and check schedules.

The prestigious university recently announced that students could rent out the futuristic eyewear at the Yale University Library, thanks to collaboration between the school’s Instructional Technology Group (ITG) and the Student Technology Collaborative (STC).

The devices, which will be known as “Yale Bass Glass,” will be available during the fall 2014 semester. Students and educators were encouraged to contact STC and ITG to propose ways in which they could experiment with Google Glass available at the library.

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Brad Warren, director of access services at Yale University Library, said the school would make Google Glass available for students and faculty in part because experimentation with other once-cutting edge technologies like the Apple iPad proved successful and popular.

Warren said Google Glass will be used to assist handicapped library patrons as they peruse the various selections, and as a “first person scanner” that would let library staffers to fill student scanning requests directly from the library’s book stacks.