eXplorance Rebrands TEM into LEM (Learning Experience Management)

Starting today, Training Experience Management (TEM) will be addressed as Learning Experience Management (LEM) to better target the higher education market.

eXplorance Inc., the leading provider of LEM solutions, announces today that as part of a strategic move, it has renamed the recently introduced framework, Training Experience Management (TEM) into Learning Experience Management. eXplorance is choosing to adapt the terminology to better convey to the higher education industry that Learning Experience Management provides institutions with comprehensive learning feedback using various tools including 360 degree reviews, training surveys, online tests and course evaluations.

While developing its feedback framework in the fall of 2013, eXplorance searched for a term that combined teaching and learning, as its solution addresses both, resulting in the term “Training”. eXplorance has asked for feedback regarding the new framework. “While the company found that the market was excited about the LEM framework, it was evident that the higher education sector was uncomfortable with the use of the term ‘training’,” says Samer Saab, eXplorance’s CEO. “Clients preferred the term ‘learning’, stating that the term ‘training’ is mainly associated with the corporate world.” eXplorance chose to rebrand the framework name so as to facilitate the understanding of the framework. By transforming TEM into LEM, eXplorance addresses the market feedback while demonstrating the company’s commitment to providing all target markets with solutions that are adapted to the challenges they face.

This name alignment initiative focuses solely on the branding of the framework. The concepts underlined in the framework remain the same as they have been well received by industry leaders and higher education institutions. eXplorance will continue improving the LEM framework so as to effectively adapt to industry trends.

To better understand what LEM represents, eXplorance recommends reading the Learning Experience Management (LEM) white paper (http://www.explorance.com/resources/whitepapers/attachment/learning_experience_management/) or viewing this brief video about LEM: http://www.explorance.com/industries/education/. Find out how eXplorance’s Blue LEM solutions can assist your organization: http://www.explorance.com/blue/.

About eXplorance Inc.
eXplorance is the leading provider of Learning Experience Management (LEM) solutions for higher education, corporate training and organizational management. Blue by eXplorance includes modules for course evaluations, psychometric and knowledge test development, 360 degree feedback reviews and broad-based stakeholder surveys.

Unlike other solutions, Blue by eXplorance powers the creation of a cycle of continuous improvement within organizations via benchmarking, feedback from all stakeholders, sophisticated reporting, customized suggestions for improvement, and automated workflows – all designed for an elevated learning experience.

eXplorance’s Learning Experience Management solution Blue is available in multiple languages including French, English and Spanish. Some of eXplorance’s clients include Boston College, Georgian College, RMIT University, UDLAP, the University of Groningen, the University of Louisville, the University of Pennsylvania and many other organizations such as Centerbridge, Discover, Fidelity and NASA.

Founded in 2003, eXplorance is a privately held corporation based in Montreal, Qc, Canada.