Getting into the rhythm of an online course

Forgive me for boasting, but I think I’m getting the hang of online learning.

I turned in my first personal finance-related case study three days ago – on time! – and earned 50 points out of 50 on the assignment. The achievement came on the heels of a pretty impressive showing on my first test and decent performance on my discussion board post, if I do say so myself.

And to think, just weeks ago I was worried I’d be failing this class, monopolizing the accounting department’s tutor and breaking into cold sweats when faced with problem sets.

Despite my initial fears, it seems I’m perfectly capable of getting an A on my assignments – at least when I remember to turn them in.

Many experts say online learning is more challenging than its face-to-face counterpart. But as I settle into the rhythm of my online class, I’m learning that it’s not necessarily the course work, but adapting to the different style of learning, that’s an obstacle.

From a content perspective, my course hasn’t been that hard. My first test was open-book and took me about 25 minutes of the allotted 60. I haven’t had to plug numbers into complicated calculations; I just have to know which formula to use in a given situation.

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