EvaluationKIT Introduces Cutting-Edge Text Analytics to Examine Valuable, Qualitative Student Feedback

Student Data Becomes More Powerful and Meaningful to College and University Administrators

Denver, CO – October 30, 2013 – EvaluationKIT, a leader in enterprise online course evaluation and survey software for higher education institutions, has announced a breakthrough in the use of text analytics to gain meaningful insights from mass amounts of student feedback. Qualitative, or write-in text comments, once useful only to those instructors and administrators who read them one-by-one, can now automatically be analyzed via EvaluationKIT Text Analytics to provide summary reporting to college and university administrators.

“Historically, institutions have had to rely on Likert-type items as the basis for survey feedback due to the operational and technical limitations of analyzing large volumes of student text responses,” said Kevin Hoffman, president of EvaluationKIT. “With the release of EvaluationKIT Text Analytics, the richness of student write-in feedback can be efficiently summarized by the system and presented to administrators in clear reporting across thousands of comments. This approach presents a much more complete picture of student feedback.”

Qualitative data often offers the deepest insights from students, and when summarized across a considerable number of student responses, the results can identify key themes that are important to various levels of an institution. As instructors have gleaned value from text comments within their courses, the institutional value of student comments beyond the course has remained locked behind the sheer volume of responses, until now.

EvaluationKIT Text Analytics is fully integrated into the company’s existing online reporting functionality, making it easy for institutions to select the exact survey questions they want analyzed and automatically receive comprehensive reports. With access to more detailed data, colleges and universities can now gauge new information from students that might not have been available through standard survey questions.

“Qualitative feedback from students is extremely useful in identifying common thoughts and viewpoints across large numbers of students,” said Dr. Shelley Kinash, associate professor and director of learning and teaching at Bond University. “Using EvaluationKIT Text Analytics, our student feedback data has become so much more powerful and meaningful. The students are the stakeholders who are best placed to evaluate the quality of their education. Through applying qualitatively analyzed feedback, we have made significant improvements to learning, teaching and the overall student experience.”

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