8 essential mobile apps for college students

These days a tablet or smartphone is as essential for college students as a backpack, a meal plan, and extra long twin sheets. But it’s not the hardware that’s so important—it’s the app, PCWorld reports.

Load up your mobile device with handy apps for taking notes, sharing files, recording lectures, managing your tasks, and (of course) reading books, and your road to the Dean’s list will be a little less bumpy.

Did you know you could rent textbooks on Google Play, instead of buying them? You get to keep them for 180 days, and you don’t even need an Android tablet to read them and take notes—Google Play Books is available for iPhone and iPads as well as Android devices.

With their convenient size and long battery life, tablets and phones are perfect for reading your books—and think of how much lighter your backpack will be. If you desperately need to read a textbook on your laptop, you can even download a PDF, although restrictions make this less than ideal. Not having to spend hundreds of dollars on books you might read once—or worse, expensive books that the professor only assigns one chapter of—is the very definition of “ideal.”

A definition you can even get inside the Google Play Books app.

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