Imperial College and Huawei pledge to develop big data technologies

Imperial College, London and China-based telecoms supplier Huawei have announced a commitment to develop a new R&D centre, trained on big data, ComputerWeekly reports. The college and Huawei have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to consider the development of a research and innovation centre looking at the next generation of ‘big data’ technologies. David Gann, Imperial College’s vice-president, leading development and innovation said “the endeavour is about long term, fundamental, path-breaking research into big data”.  He cited three aspects of the term to be tackled by the new centre: new data types, mass scientific data in “areas like genetics, physics, engineering, climate science, and energy. And open data, data one can share with others in the public domain. That has its own conundrums – is it complete, how dynamic – and we need analytic tools for that.”

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