MOOCs are the video games of 2013.  Everyone is talking about them, there’s a lot of hysteria and a lot of nonsense surrounding them, HASTAC reports. (Remember back when “Grand Theft Auto” was the end of civilization as we knew it?). Pundits and media analysts are having a hyperbolic field day over MOOCs.  Nervous administrators and excited VCs are making rash decisions without evidence that MOOCs are an effective way either to educate students or to save costs (or, for that matter, to make a quick return on your investments). Over and over, MOOC Mania is swamping lessons learned over the last decades from all the other kinds and forms of creative, interactive online learning, distance  education, continuing education, and open peer-to-peer learning. Faculty are freaking out because suddenly MOOCs are the only thing anyone seems to be talking about.

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