Why the internet will never replace universities

Read any article about online higher education and I guarantee you will come across the much-toutedMOOCs’– massive open online courses – as well as references to, perhaps, gamification, crowd-sourcing and even avatars, The Telegraph reports. While such developments are undoubtedly fascinating, they present online learning as something futuristic – a new development and consequently, a new threat to many UK universities. But this is just not the case. Online learning is nothing new for UK higher education. Forward-thinking institutions and their partners have been doing it for years, as a natural extension of their existing provision. … Online learning also offers a more affordable option for those for whom a full-price bricks and mortar university degree is simply unattainable. But again, this not about replacing one model with the other. There will always be those who will want, and benefit from, the physical experience of attending a university. Moving forward, what’s important is to provide the right, quality provision in the right way for individuals.

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