JES & Co. Announces Achievement Standards Network Search

New service transforms U.S. learning outcomes into searchable graph.

Tucson, AZ – March 6, 2013

JES & Co. is proud to announce the release of the Achievement Standards Network Search Service (ASN Search), a high throughput, low latency search API for U.S. learning outcomes including the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). This new web service enables free-text and faceted search with the ability to search and sort learning outcomes using any of twenty-five provided fields. ASN Search transforms U.S. learning outcome data into an “educational graph” organized by facet that allows for a high degree of result-set customization. ASN Search can integrate into any website or application that requires learning outcomes for meta-tagging, content correlation and/or data analysis. ASN Search is powered by the ASN open-source dataset.

ASN Search also allows you to find and compare CCSS verbatim adoptions with state modifications, traverse the hierarchy of sets of standards, and always have access to the latest frameworks in the ASN open-source dataset. ASN Search gives publishers, content providers, and developers access to a cost effective, enterprise level service that aides in correlation and open meta-tagging.

“We are excited to bring this powerful, easy to use web service into the education marketplace,” explained Joseph Chapman, ASN Data Solutions Architect. “ASN Search makes it simple to do complex things with learning outcomes. We are moving beyond just basic search into being able to dissect and analyze what our students are learning in the classroom.” continued Chapman.

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About the Achievement Standards Network

The Achievement Standards Network (ASN) is an open framework for the representation of educational expectations. The ASN provides for: (1) the text of an educational expectation; (2) rich metadata describing that expectation and its context; and (3) a description of relationships between the expectation being described and other related expectations. The ASN provides both a resolution service that returns machine-readable text and associated metadata, and Web Services that ease the network distribution of the achievement standards data. JES & Co. is the home for ASN-US, an open source repository of state and national education standards. Visit the ASN at: