Adoption of Destiny One Software Platform Plays Integral Part in Comprehensive Growth Plan

The University of San Diego Professional and Continuing Education (USD PCE) is implementing a comprehensive growth plan, enabled by a partnership with leading software provider, Destiny Solutions. A prestigious California university, USD PCE plans to expand market reach and increase student engagement. Destiny One, the business software solution by Destiny Solutions, was chosen to facilitate these aims as it will provide USD PCE with the business agility and process governance needed to fully tap market potential.

The University of San Diego Professional and Continuing Education already offers hundreds of courses and numerous professional and certificate programs.Once Destiny One goes live in spring of 2013, USD PCE will be able to provide students with a richer online experience, while also automating routine administrative tasks enabling staff to increase productivity and focus on high-value differentiating tasks, such as new program development.

“In today’s competitive education landscape, every school is looking to do more with less,” said Jason Lemon, Dean of The University of San Diego Professional and Continuing Education. “Destiny One provides the front-end capabilities needed to give students a rich online experience as well as the back-end functionality needed for us to manage our growth—all while increasing our staff’s productivity so that we can expand our offerings without expanding our staffing needs.”

The University of San Diego Professional and Continuing Education offers a number of online and in-class programs as well as customized corporate training. The school’s legacy software platform was unable to provide the capabilities needed to expand in today’s competitive higher education market. As a software platform created exclusively for non-traditional education programs, Destiny One provides the flexibility and functionality needed to effectively manage these programs and students in an integrated and intuitive manner. Furthermore, with built-in automated workflows, strict governance controls and the highest industry security standard (PCI PA-DSS v2.0), Destiny One will allow USD PCE to increase revenue growth without compromising on quality.

“The University of San Diego Professional and Continuing Education offers a number of sophisticated programs,” said Shaul Kuper, President and CEO of Destiny Solutions. “Combined with the equally sophisticated business infrastructure provided by Destiny One, USD PCE will be able to entirely reimagine its market potential.”

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Destiny Solutions is the leading innovator of lifelong learning business solutions. Our flagship product, Destiny One™, is the only business solution for non-traditional higher education that offers integrated constituent, enrollment and administrative management on a single software platform so educators can grow revenue, enhance student experience and success, and improve operational efficiency.

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The University of San Diego is committed to advancing academic excellence, expanding liberal and professional knowledge, creating a diverse and inclusive community, and preparing leaders dedicated to ethical conduct and compassionate service. The Division of Professional and Continuing Education shares this mission through academic outreach to adult and professional students.
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